Developing new ways to deliver services, products and value to your team

Since 2005

KAP Project Services has been leading the industry in delivering Project Management and Project Controls services to the industry.  Since that time, we have continued to enhance, update and develop our tools, methods and ability to assist clients throughout the industry to achieve better outcomes for project and turnaround events.


KAP is continuing to expand our service offerings and revise our business model making it easier than ever to get the help and assistance needed ensuring our clients have the very best possible people, technologies and processes for successful projects.  By organizing our business into three distinct brands, our customers can easily focus on the support that best targets the goals of the project.

KAP Project Services

Personnel Solutions and Professional Services designed for today’s demanding marketplace.

STOlogix - KAP Project Services

Software and Technology Solutions designed to improve planning quality, visibility and collaboration, and optimize your ERP and CMMS investments.

TACTEXS - Tactical Execution Solutions - KAP Project Services

Execution Command and Control bringing turn-key STO event and project executions based upon real-time ‘live schedule’ visibility with accurate status and feedback from the field.  The People, The Process, The Technology all focused on your performance.

As a relationship-focused company, our services and products are tailored to our client’s specific needs. Let us design a solution that fits your situation to drive excellence with a positive impact on your bottom line!

Together, we are better.

People + Processes + Technology = Solutions

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