Ayoka Systems - Partner - KAP Project Services

Ayoka Systems

Ayoka Systems is a Texas custom software development company. Ayoka provides custom programming for a wide range of industries, including energy, field services, petrochemical, oil and gas and industrial operations. We create custom applications, develop remote monitoring systems, and perform security assessments and software due diligence services, all Made in USA.

Mobideo - Partner - KAP Project Services


Leveraging cloud, big data analytics, mobility and machine learning technologies, Mobideo enables industrial companies to achieve unprecedented levels of operational excellence and innovation.

TACTEXS - Tactical Execution Solutions - KAP Project Services


Tactexs, a member of the KAP family of companies, helps remove STO risk by providing the full solution of technology, processes, and personnel deployed onsite throughout the execution of your STO event or capital project.

Transformational STO Solutions.

STOlogix offers a revolutionary front end software solution which transforms the need for using complex multi-software applications into a single platform increasing efficiency and visibility.

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