At KAP, we pride ourselves on our ability to attract and retain the industry’s best professionals. We do this by offering competitive wages, competitive benefits and by treating our employees with respect at all times. We never lose sight of the fact that our employees are not only our greatest asset, they are our only asset.

You can be assured that the personnel we provide will be well qualified team players who will fit seamlessly into your organization.

You will find that our employees are:


The Right Fit

We will work with you to ensure we clearly understand your requirements for the requested position.

We will consider not only the technical skill set, experience and logistical requirements of the position, but also the soft skills of communication, personality and dependability.



Our recruiter and operations managers will carefully screen each candidate’s qualifications through interviews, reference checks and skills tests.

We conduct pre-employment and random drug screens, as well as extensive background checks on all KAP employees.



Prior to mobilization, we will ensure that all training, certification and orientation criteria have been met.

All KAP employees are equipped with the proper PPE.

When required, our employees are outfitted with the appropriate computer hardware and software.



Our home office management team provides excellent technical support.

Regular communication with our employees and clients ensures that any issues are identified and resolved in a timely manner.



Our employees have never had a recordable safety incident.

Employees are required to participate in weekly and monthly safety training.



Throughout our existence, we have experienced an extremely low turnover rate.

Your project will not suffer from the loss of key personnel at inopportune times.

We have your solution

We are ready to listen to you and help you build the right solution for your STO Event success.

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