Organizations are under more pressure than ever to assure their plants operate in a safe, reliable, and efficient manner, including work evolutions required for performing capital projects, maintenance requiring plant shutdown conditions, and maintenance performed during normal plant operation. Assessments are a valuable tool to ensure the readiness of an organization to execute a safe turnaround or capital project, or both.

Our Assessments

STO Readiness Assessment

A comprehensive, multiple-phase audit evaluation to include a 14 core category analysis required for turnaround execution success. We proudly differentiate ourselves as providing support to customers to close any gaps which cannot be supported internally. See how we bring confidence to your turnaround preparation.

Schedule Assessment

A detailed schedule evaluation to include scope alignment, schedule construction to DCMA 14-point analysis standards, review of schedule premise, and detailed recommendations as required. Additional services can be proposed to include schedule review workshops validating scope, activity logic, duration and effort estimates, and resource assignments. 

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