Optimizing STO Readiness Through Schedule Assessment

The Problem

The Effect of Poor Schedules

The integrity of a STO event critical path method schedule is crucial to improving a STO’s likelihood of success. There is a well-established correlation between the quality, or soundness, of a project schedule and the resulting execution performance. Yet, over 80% of turnarounds experience cost overruns, CPM scheduling is implemented on less than 20% of all turnarounds, and approximately 50% of turnarounds suffer schedule slips. In short, the vast majority of turnarounds fail to meet management expectations. Validating the schedule quality and completeness and alignment to scope and plan are critical to improving STO event execution.

The Solution

KAP STO Schedule Assessment

While evaluating the schedule quality, during both planning and monitoring & controlling, it is important to make assessments from a qualitative and a quantitative perspective. A quantitative assessment of schedule quality is based on measurable criteria rooted in industry-defined scheduling best practices.

KAP will provide both qualitative and quantitative analysis of your STO schedule, ensuring it reflects the scope, strategy, and detail of the job plan.

The Benefits

Results That Matter

There is a positive correlation between sound project scheduling and the successful on-time STO event execution. While a sound plan cannot be held solely responsible for this driving success factor, it has shown that it is a highly significant one.

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