This assessment is a comprehensive, 3-phase, multiple audit evaluation that includes the 14 core category analysis required for turnaround execution success. Unlike others, we provide our customers with the support to close any gaps which cannot be supported internally. See how we bring confidence to your turnaround preparation.

The Problem

The Effect of Poor STO Events

STOs are complex, high-risk events requiring large investments that must be expertly managed to stay competitive; it only takes one poor execution to negatively impact a business, costing an organization millions of dollars, impacting long-range reliability, driving up operational cost, and often resulting in permanent damage. Conversely, a well-run STO event represents a competitive advantage for an organization that is proactive in how they approach the process.

The Solution

KAP STO Event Readiness Assessment

The STO event process is comprised of 13 core practices executed across five phases. With proper preparation, using industry best practice, this can be the differentiator between your company and its competitors while building a strong foundation for STO success.

Our STO Event Readiness Reviews align to the major phases of the STO lifecycle, including Phase I – Definition and Scoping, Phase II – Preparation: Organization, Planning, and Scheduling, Phase III – Execution, Phase IV – Startup and Turnover, and Phase V – Evaluation. Performed at strategic points during each phase, KAP’s Readiness Assessment recognizes strengths, identifies opportunities, and provides actionable recommendations focused on achieving optimum outcomes.

The Benefits

Results That Matter

Delivery of best-in-class STO Readiness Reviews is one of the keys to a successful event. Surprises should not impact your success. The actual project execution will be much more efficient when the execution plan is well thought out. KAP assessments are designed to provide improved and predictable outcomes and focus on your bottom line.

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