The Problem

Organizations can experience issues in managing their assets where processes, personnel, and systems do not align with organizational asset management objectives. This can show up as increased costs, lack of alignment in processes, and overall asset performance issues.

It can be driven by company growth, acquisitions, and implementation of duplicative software solutions where ownership of data is in question. Whether for the first time or not, addressing the current condition of your asset management policy, strategic asset management plan (SAMP), and asset management plans can improve confidence in corporate assets meeting their design requirements.

The Solution

This engineering study looks at the ‘AS-IS’ asset management system, including leadership, personnel, roles, policy and processes, risk management, asset decision making criteria, and the asset management lifecycle definitions. Further, an as-is context diagram is developed to show supporting information management systems across the organization supporting asset management. ‘AS-IS’ supporting asset management processes are mapped illustrating process and policy gaps (based on ISO-55000 Asset Management Standards) which may exist, affecting efficient process execution.

The Benefits

This independent engineering study provides the starting building block and baseline to improving your asset management success.

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