The Problem

Organizations have the desire to improve, but do not know the best way forward. Costs may be out of control, asset reliability and the ability to deliver to its design may be hindered, or information systems may not support organizational objectives. These may keep the organization’s assets from meeting their design potential.

The Solution

Based on the findings of the Baseline Engineering Study, KAP will conduct a GAP analysis using design basis as defined in ISO55000 – Asset Management. An organizational asset management policy will be created or validated. Following the Asset Management Policy Framework, an integrated Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) will be created, which can execute individual asset plans covering the asset management lifecycle.

Using the SAMP, your organization can create its Asset Management Plan. KAP can provide support for the development of these plans, as needed, by your organization.

The Benefits

  • Clear definition of the strategic objectives and how they will be delivered
  • Translates business / top management objectives into terms and activities that can be understood by those responsible for implementing the plan
  • Provides plan clarity supporting resource or funding justification
  • Improving business decisions, regulatory compliance, improved reliability, cost savings

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