The Problem

Identified gaps may be driven by functionality overlap between technology or applications, or a lack of integrated configuration to best optimize asset management processes. The ‘TO-BE’ solution architecture may involve selection of a software application from an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System), Lock-out Tag-out application, or more.

Organizations are not geared to be industry experts and be up-to-date on all information management solutions available in today’s market. Additionally, the process to document as-is processes, align processes to required functionality, evaluate functionality criticality and priority is daunting. This is required to determine the content of an RFI, short-list to 3-5 best fit solutions, and issue an RFP.

The Solution

KAP and its partner, TEC, provide a means to capture aligned solution requirements and quickly, using IT systems, select a best fit solution list with complete analytics aligning to specific Strategy Asset Management Plan requirements. This will reduce the process by several months while providing a more comprehensive result, aiding in the selection process. Categories include scheduling applications, computerized maintenance management systems, planning systems, and ERP solutions.

The Benefits

  • Reduced selection time and interactions with non-qualified vendors
  • Increased confidence in selecting a critical application
  • Best-fit Analysis of customer driven functionality requirements and their importance to the organization
  • Alignment to Strategic Asset Management Plan and ‘TO-BE’ integrated solution architecture

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