Major projects are often a critical part of a STO event execution; they can start years before a turnaround is planned. Sometimes reaching mega-project status, these projects may involve many large and small contractors, as well as “owner” program and project managers charged with ensuring their assigned scope of work is ready for implementation within designed STO event windows.

KAP is experienced in assisting owners’ plan solution architectures and the applications required for successful program and project management.

Project Management

Successful project management requires team leadership and coordination, diligent project planning, and effective oversight of the delivery process. The project plan and supporting project controls infrastructure provide the platform and roadmap to a successful project implementation. It includes the design of the toolsets required to manage a complex program of projects, definition of an owner’s program goals, technical requirements, schedules, resources, budgets, and management programs.

Project Controls

KAP provides full-service solutions and innovative models in the areas of schedule management, cost management, document management, contract management, project management platform benchmark, analysis and optimization, and program management system training.

  • Schedule Management
  • Cost Control and Reporting
  • Budget and Estimating
  • Contract Management
  • Document Management

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