A good risk management program has the power to increase the confidence in the successful outcome of your turnaround and or capital project. Many tools such including Primavera focus on improving the quality of turnaround-focused CPM schedules through the application of DCMA quality metrics. While necessary, this does not ensure the sound execution of a turnaround plan to track execution if it contains unrealistic durations and one that hasn’t accounted for risks.

KAP brings this confidence to your organization through the delivery of a facilitated Turnaround Risk Workshop. See how we build a foundation for STO Success!

The Problem

The Effect of STO Risk

Risk is inherently present in a STO event, from the initial scoping process through execution of the turnaround. The best laid plans still carry uncertainty and risk that all too often lead to cost and schedule overages. Some simply maintain a list of risks; however, they don’t provide insight into the true impact of risk on the STO event. KAP provides a solution of people, processes, and technology-leading software to provide a proactive risk-reduction solution.

The Solution

Risk Workshop and Analysis

Despite the software tools available today, the process of conducting a risk workshop and subsequent risk model development continues to be a major challenge. A well-structured balance of subject matter experts, STO event knowledge and risk process expertise, combined with sound workshop facilitation, can provide more value to a STO event’s bottom line than most typically realize.

KAP’s offering provides services delivered on a proven approach framework to reduce risk exposure, increase confidence levels, analyze schedules for acceleration opportunities, and reduce cost overruns.

The Benefits

Results That Matter

A risk analysis is only as good as the foundation upon which the model is built. By using a well-facilitated workshop, you ensure accurate inputs and model development resulting in improved confidence in the ability to execute.

We have your solution

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