Targeted, custom training provides many benefits, including higher knowledge retention, improved problem-solving skills, increased productivity, and reduced staff turnover. Profit margins have been shown to increase, as well as company value when the productivity and staff knowledge is raised.

KAP develops and delivers excellence in training which is designed to optimize the customer’s return-on-investment. Our Training Department has over 20 years’ experience in developing and delivering successful training courses. Our goal is to optimize the application of critical asset management solution applications for planning, project management, scheduling, and execution management.

KAP training incorporates proven adult principles and techniques which assist in knowledge retention and ease of learning. To make the information more relatable, we focus on customizing training courses to include references to a customer’s internal policies and procedures. Best practices are incorporated to achieve results that meet your objectives.

There are 3 primary areas that makes KAP one of its kind in Solution Training:

  1. Developed and Delivered based on proven learning concepts: The 4 learning styles of Visual, Auditory, Reading/Writing, and Kinesthetic (VARK) and the 4 Adult Learning Principles
  2. Custom-designed classes provide a greater value to the organization with minimal additional effort
  3. Offering more content than the competition – designed to assist customers in maximizing functionality

Our Offerings



Training courses for STO events, capital projects, and general toolset use



STO planning with STOplanner, a flagship planning tool offered by STOlogix


Work Execution Optimization

Applying C2Stat for best-in-class STO event execution.

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