STO (shutdown, turnaround, outage) events are not planned the same way across the STO lifecycle as in past decades. Advances in software, technology platforms, virtual reality, digital photography, and analysis of past work using analytics toolsets require changes in knowledge. Customers have invested in STOplanner and are transforming the need for using complex multi-software applications for planning into a single platform, improving efficiency and visibility.

STOplanner provides functionality in aiding customers with loading the STO portfolio timeline of near- and long-term events of typically 7-15 years. Budgeting tools provide for the use of historical data in developing STO event budgets from planned portfolios. Building on this framework, job plans are created using advanced job walk-down functionality, improving quality of work and inputs to schedule development.

How does this digital transformation impact legacy processes and personnel? Must new portfolio planning, budgeting, and job planning process policies, or the planning premise, be conveyed to achieve desired return-on-investment? The answer is an unequivocal YES!

The Problem

The digital transformation of portfolio planning, budgeting, job planning, and the management of input to scheduling, plus ongoing scope change planning, can be different across sites. Aligning both internal and external resource skills to the STOplanner applications for efficient execution, creating quality plans, is critical to turnaround success.

The Solution

STOplanner is an intuitive solution. Your course development begins with off-site discovery, where we review your planning premise, procedures, and processes. Your STOplanner configuration will be reviewed in combination with turnaround critiques which may require specific training focus to close operational gaps.

Courses are developed and delivered based on proven learning concepts combined with the course requirements definition: The 4 learning styles (VARK) and the 4 Adult Learning Principles.

Training can be customized by role, STOplanner functionality-based, and specific on-demand courses to prepare contract planners for success.

The Benefits

  • Maximum efficiency and productivity
  • Faster assimilation of contract workers into organization
  • Improved product quality
  • Improved execution of STO events and capital projects

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