The Problem

Some contractor schedulers, while general subject matter experts, have challenges applying company policies and processes to schedules for capital projects and or STO (shutdown, turnaround, outage) events. Additionally, they do not have Primavera training materials which integrate theory, technology solutions, processes, and internal policies for optimizing corporate capital project or STO event portfolio, program, and project scheduling. This affects efficiency and quality of a work product across the organization.

How do organizations ensure both internal and external P6 users are performing at their maximum proficiency?

The Solution

When training is developed and delivered based on proven, scientific learning concepts, the ultimate goal of having students learn and retain content has a much higher rate of success. KAP’s custom Primavera Training Course is designed using your specific requirements. Our consultants begin with a discovery session to learn your specific needs, such as role or functionality based, levels of experience, and delivery methods, to name a few.

Courses are developed and delivered based on proven learning concepts, combined with the course requirements definition: The 4 learning styles (VARK) and the 4 Adult Learning Principles.

The Benefits

  • Maximum efficiency and productivity
  • Faster assimilation of contract workers into organization
  • Improved product quality
  • Improved execution of STO events and capital projects

We have your solution

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