C2stat delivers turnkey execution confidence by providing a single, unified command and control solution with a real-time interactive schedule and analytics. Through the application of C2stat, communications accuracy, timeliness, and visibility transforms the way you make turnaround decisions.

The Problem

How your organization addresses these issues of execution visibility, communication, and timeliness affects the entire business’ performance. To achieve desired results, use of and administration of the core components of the C2 solution and analytics with assimilation into turnaround execution management practices is critical. Turnover of turnaround team members combined with decision capabilities previously unachievable require a strong training program to accomplish desired benefits.

The Solution

Your course development begins with off-site discovery, where we review your planning premise, procedures, and processes. Your C2stat configuration will be reviewed in combination with turnaround critiques which may require specific training focus to close operational gaps. The roles of C2stat personnel, customer personnel, and the combined communication and collaboration will be evaluated for inclusion into solution training.

Courses are developed and delivered based on proven learning concepts combined with the course requirements definition: The 4 learning styles (VARK) and the 4 Adult Learning Principles. Customer training, based on user requirements, will focus on the customer responsibilities on administration (primary focus on Primavera solution and data readiness and data transfer), use of the Live View with Layouts, and Analytics to maximize resource allocation for improved schedule performance.

Training can be customized by role, solution software functionality for Live View or Analytics, and specific on-demand courses to prepare internal team members for success.

The Benefits

  • Measurable productivity improvement
  • Critical path awareness and improved decision making
  • Vast improvements in overall schedule achievement
  • Better resource utilization
  • Greatly reduced paperwork handling time

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